Cut To Size Replacement Luxury Foam Sofa Cushions

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Luxury foam comprises a high density foam to give you durability, along with an ultra-soft foam doming topper to give you the luxurious comfort you would find in the higher end suites as it is hassle free and long lasting.

2 reviews for Luxury Foam Cushions

  1. Helen K (verified owner)

    Great cushions and service – thank you. It’s a relief to be sitting on something so comfortable again!

  2. Linda Lauren (verified owner)

    This is what I expected but did’nt get when i bought my sofa. My questions were answered really quickly, so I was able to order my luxury foam cushions, and I am not disappointed. They are so comfortable, you just sink in to them and there is no need to plump them up afterwards. I Would highly recommend.

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